Madrid at Night – Fashionable clubs in Madrid

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Madrid at  night is definitely a place to enjoy and have fun. While during day-time in Madrid you can walk the streets , visit museums or other wonderful places in the city, during the night you can also move around anywhere downtown Madrid, because it is open and enjoy the nightlife. Very close to us you will find great entertainment in Huertas street and other nearby streets that are in our neighborhood, Barrio de Las Letras.

Madrid Night

This neighborhood is a place where tourists and foreign students prefer to stay at night due to the great atmosphere and also for being very close to Puerta del Sol. Many bars, pubs, discos, terraces in summer and very special facilities wait for you in Madrid center.

Madrid at night – Fashionable clubs in Madrid

If you are looking for discos in Madrid at night, we have selected a list of the main clubs with brief comments so you have an idea of ??what you can find in each of them.


Fashionable clubs Madrid



If you're young and want to try one of the best clubs in Madrid, a good option may be to go to the disco Kapital, a seven storey building with different atmospheres and music styles  await you. Enjoy the best DJs and lots of beautiful people. Near Atocha Station.


Joy Eslava


Joy Eslava is one of the classics of Madrid night. A disco that keeps on without  getting old and has great music and a great atmosphere in the center of Madrid. From live concerts to important DJs, to big night parties that await you.  At Joy you will find all kind of music depending on the day. Near Puerta del Sol.


New Garamond


In northern Madrid, near Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu football stadium, it stands out a special disco: New Garamond. Good music and atmosphere for a demanding public. In addition, it is a perfect place to organize a large special event. For example, Spain football players celebration of winning World Championship took place here.


La Posada de las Ánimas

If you like to have fun, flirt, and see a TV celeb your place is La Posada de las Animas. This club, with a unique decoration, opensince 2004 in the heart of  Madrid Salamanca district, has become one of the classics of the nightlife. Three plants with different atmospheres await you.


Gabana 1800

If you love cool, famous and exclusive places… Gabana 1800 is a must. A classic of the nightlife in the Barrio de Salamanca always in.



At Chamberi district. A unique and fashionable Madrid disco; Commercial Music, Dance, House and Electronic with the best DJs and a nice staging.

spain night madrid


Honky Tonk

If you exceed the 30’s and like good music and live concerts, Honkey Tonk is your site; another Madrid classic. You’ll love this place due to its good music and public.



If you’re young you come to Madrid and want to see one of the best clubs in Europe, your place is Fabrik. A disco for youngsters where they can enjoy DJ sessions as DJ Steve Aoki.


Other places where you can enjoy the evening in Madrid:  El Sol, Sirocco, Weekend, Club 33, Shoko Madrid, etc.


Nightlife in Madrid


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