Barrio de Las Letras (Writer´s Quarter): Cervantes’ grave

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Cervantes’ grave is located at the heart of Barrio de Las Letras (BDLL). Cervantes is considered one of the greatest Spanish writers ever due to his most successful novel “El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de La Mancha”.  Besides being a writer he was a poet, a dramatist and a soldier.

Barrio de las Letras Madrid


Recent research carried out by Spanish scientist has determined that Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was buried together with his wife in the Trinitarias Decalzas’ convent , Madrid,  on April 23rd 1616 after long time searching for his human remains.

The almost 400 years old tomb is a shared humble niche placed in a nun`s convent at BDLL at the heart of Madrid city center.

Cervantes’ grave: Pilgrimage site.

The analysis of the Cervantes’ human remains has been a difficult task due to a convent`s refurbishment carried out on the XVII Century. Cutting edge technology as 3D scanners, endoscope cameras has been used in order to determine the leading figure remains.


tumba de cervantes


The Spanish Minister for Education, Culture and Sports is confident about Cervantes’ tomb becoming a mayor cultural hub as Shakespeare`s, Montaigne`s or Goethe`s burial sites are in Great Britain, France and Germany respectively. As a matter of fact a project of brotherhood has been already proposed to the mentioned countries which is expected to increase awareness about the huge significance of the famous Spanish writer.

Barrio de las Letras’ visitors can now pay tribute to Miguel de Cervantes right at Madrid city center.

Cervantes brief biography. “El Quijote” novel.

The author of “El Quijote” was born on September 29th 1547. Son of Rodrigo de Cervantes, a ruined nobleman barber surgeon, they had to move around several towns searching for economic prosperity.  Because of their financial instability Miguel de Cervantes travelled to Rome and started serving a cardinal at a young age.

After one year he decided to join the Spanish army taking part at the Lepanto battle where he got amputee from his left hand. Still as a soldier he was kidnapped and rescued after a while. Eventually he managed to become an officer in charge of supplies for the Spanish Navy. Once there the courteous and honest gentleman was imprisoned falsely accused of misappropriation of funds. Precisely in one of his captivity periods he started writing perhaps the greatest novel ever in Spanish literature “El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha” intended to be a parody of the Chivalry romance literature. Cervantes had already written “La Galatea” among some other novels and plays.


Hostal Persal is at the Barrio de las Letras (The Writers Quarter).


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