Tourist Attractions in Madrid where do the best photos for free

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Tourist Attractions in Madrid.– If you Travel to Madrid, you would like to know best spots to take potos (free). In this post we summarize three well worth options to take best photos. As always, from Hostal Persal we want you to enjoy your tip and get indelible and unforgettable memories 🙂

Tourist Attractions in Madrid

1. Penthouse of Corte Inglés at Plaza del Callao

First place is the terrace on the top floor (9th) of “El Corte Inglés” department Store located at Plaza del Callao, in the very centre of Madrid. There you can taste best gourmet products but also gaze at amazing views as you can see in this photos.

plaza del callao

Plaza del Callao is at the end of Carmen Street, walking from Puerta del Sol towards Gran Via. Before getting Plaza del Callao, El Corte Inglés is at our reight side. Taking the lift to top floor, you will reach the terrace from where you will shoot nice photos of Gran Vía and Carrión building with its famous neon of tonic water brand Schweppes. Also other locations as Royal Theater and Royal Palace can be seen from here.

2. Madrid City Town Hall 

cibeles spain

In the nice Plaza de la Cibeles, where famous La Cibeles fountain is set, it stands Palacio de las Comunicaciones, current Madrid City Town Hall. Get into this building. After passing a security control, you will get to first floor where exhibition rooms of Centro Cibeles are. Then take lift one or two floors above and look for a window over Cibeles fountain. From this window you can take a similar photo as shown below. Also you can get to top floor to have a drink or eat at the bar / restaurant and again shoot nice photos.

3. Sunset at Debod Temple

temple of debod

Photo by Callejeando Madrid 

In the evening, at sunset, walking by Gran Vía from Paseo de la Castellana you will reach Plaza de España, where nice pictures can be taken, but there is a place nearby that we strongly recommend. 🙂

templo de debod fotografia

Walk from Plaza de España to Parque del Oeste (“West Park”) where there is an unique spot: marvellous Debod Temple. The Temple is itself a gem, byt we suggest crossing the complex and get to the end of the park (just where the arrow is in the map). It is easy found since many people will be there to take pictures of Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral and Casa de Campo (an ancient forest used by the monarchy, nowadays open to the public).

templo debod vistas palacio real

Madrid Touristic places with prize 🙂

We hope that this post helps you to discover best Madrid touristic attractions to take best pictures. Finally, as in all posts, we want to thank your interest reading it till the end, and so we provide you a promo code to book at Hostal Persal  –>  persalblog      Enjoy best Madrid views. 🙂

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