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Do you know the things to see in Madrid? Are you planning a trip to Madrid? So in this post we will tell you 10 things to be seen in Madrid that are essential.  As always Hostal Persal, we want to make your trip the best possible and help you with the planning   🙂

things to see in madrid


1. Puerta del Sol

First of all we recommend you to see the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. It is a huge square which that is in the heart of Madrid. The Real Casa de Correos, current seat of the Presidency of the community of Madrid is located in this square. What stands out in this building is the tower that is at the top which has a clock. December 31, this clock gives bells to all Spaniards followed by television to take a grape for each stroke that gives this watch.

The Puerta del Sol zero is the kilometer zero of the Spanish roads, in fact there is a small plaque on the ground that can be seen at the foot of the Real Casa de Correos. Finally, the highlight of the Puerta del Sol is that it currently lacks a gate despite the name “Puerta del Sol”. In the past there was a door that had a Sun drawn to indicate the lift, hence its name: “Door of the Sun”.

2.      Plaza Mayor

We recommend also the things to see in Madrid is you go to Plaza Mayor. It is a magnificent place that throughout history has been the slums, the market square and what is now called “Plaza Mayor”. In this square you can eat at some of its restaurants and some drinks on the terrace of the bars they have and rest. The “Plaza Mayor” emphasizes the building of the Casa de La Panadería. In addition, this plaza has several arches that connect with other streets in the Centre of Madrid

3.      Puerta de Alcalá

Once Madrid had five real doors, one of them is the “Puerta de Alcalá”, located in the street of the same name. In this case, as opposed to the “gate of the Sun”, currently there is a door in the center of the Plaza de la Independencia. The current “Puerta de Alcalá” we see was built by Carlos III, where formerly there was another gate. From the Puerta de Alcalá, Paseo de la Castellana-facing can be seen far away to the source to one of the sides of the Puerta de Alcalá and Cibeles and will enjoy the impressive Park “El Retiro”.?

things to do in madrid

4.      Parque de “El Retiro”

“El Retiro” Park is located next to the “Puerta de Alcalá”. Take a stroll through this place it is one of the essentials in the things to see in Madrid. Within the Park is the pond where you can paddle out in the boats. In addition, in “El Retiro” it also impresses the Crystal Palace and the Palacio de Velázquez, now used for exhibitions. We recommend a great stroll through this park and so on, to discover all its corners, its statues, etc.

5.      Museo de “El Prado”

“El Prado” Museum is one of the most important museums of Madrid and in Europe, where there are lots of pictures of incalculable value. “The Meadow” is an art gallery which houses almost 9,000 paintings and over 700 sculptures.

The permanent exhibition and other temporary exhibitions that vary throughout the year can be viewed in this museum. In “The Meadow” you can enjoy paintings by Velázquez, Goya, Ribera, Murillo, Zurbarán, “El Greco”, Caravaggio, Van der Weyden, Rubens, Dürer, etc. Without a doubt, if you come to Madrid you have to see this museum.

 6.      El Palacio Real.

This splendid Palace, which is the Kings of Spain official residence even though they do not live in it today, is a place that requires a must-see in the things to see in Madrid. The current Palace was built on the site where there was formerly another Palace which was destroyed by a fire. The current Royal Palace outside highlights the large parade ground that there, right in front of the beautiful Plaza de Oriente. The Palace inside has plenty of rooms decorated with paintings, sculptures, etc., that will make the visitors to enjoy their visit to mean and will better understand the Royal residence.

spain madrid

 7.      La Gran Vía

Stroll along the Gran Vía makes us understand that Madrid is a universal city. Take this street full of palaces, theatres and shopping is a pleasure for visitors. The stretch of Gran Via of Plaza del Callao to Plaza of Spain reminds US of Broadway in New York, it’s full of old cinemas currently hosting musicals.

 8.      Flamenco

Many people who visit Madrid seek typical tablao de flamenco, where they enjoy this art to dance and at the same time enjoy a delicious Spanish food. Places like Casa Patas, Corral de la Moreria, Caféde Chinitas and other sites just as recommended are perfect places to enjoy flamenco in Madrid.

9.      Estadio Bernabéu / Estadio Vicente Calderón

Depending on whether your team is Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid, Madrids’ main teams, and choose which football stadium and museums you want to see. Real Madrid fans can make a visit to the Tour of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, while those of Atletico Madrid will enjoy the Tour de el Calderón Vicente.

templo debod hotel madrid

 10.  Temple of Debod

Finally, we recommend you go to see a sunset in the evening to the Park from the West, where the Temple of Debod. It is one of the most romantic places, where you and your partner will enjoy watching the sun sets on Madrid.

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