Plaza Mayor of Madrid – Architecture and History

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Madrid’s Plaza Mayor is one of the most important squares and most historic of the Spanish capital.  In Hostal Persal we always want to inform you about Madrid and in this occasion we are going to tell you a lot of things about the history of this square in the centre of Madrid called: Plaza Mayor of Madrid.

plaza mayor of madrid

Plaza Mayor of Madrid – History

Plaza Mayor was built in the place where before was a square called Plaza del Arrabal. It was situated in the outskirts of the city and it’s where the most important market of the village (La Villa) was celebrated. In this square there was a house that allowed the regulation of the trade in the area. Afterwards, in this place, will be built the beginning of which we will know as Plaza Mayor of Madrid.

We must remember king Felipe II decides to move to the Royal Palace of Madrid and then, in the XVI century Juan de Herrera was in charge of the building of Plaza Mayor of Madrid, near to the Royal Palace. He was asked to link the architecture of the buildings that were going to be constructed in this square of Madrid. However, the current Plaza Mayor of Madrid is not exactly the same as the first square that was built since the fires and successive renovations made over time have changed the structure and the architecture of the square.

Plaza Mayor has suffered three serious fires throughout its history. After the first one Juan Gomez de Mora rebuilt the square. After the third fire Juan de Villanueva reconstructed it again who change buildings from 5 to 3 levels and created the series of arches at the corners of the square.

 plaza mayor madrid

Nine gates – Cuchilleros Arch

Plaza Mayor is a rectangular square surrounded by a series of arches. It has nine gates and ten entrances in total: 7 de Julio, Arco de Triunfo and Felipe III to the North; Sal, Zaragoza and Gerona to the East; Botoneras, Toledo and Cuchilleros to the South; Ciudad Rodrigo to the East. Among the entrances Arco de Cuchilleros stands out which was also created by Juan de Villanueva.  Special mention deserves the outdoor staircase created to save the slope between Cuchilleros Street and Plaza Mayor.

Casa de la Panaderia building

Among Plaza Mayor main buildings Casa de la Panaderia stands out. We can highlight its façade crowned by twin angled-towers on its sides. Such building has had different purposes throughout its history as the Main City bakery from where its name come from.

madrid plaza mayor hotel

Plaza Mayor central Statue

We talk about King Felipe III Statue riding a horse. It was a gift from the Duke of Florence at that time. Queen Isabel II ordered to move it from Casa de Campo to the central part of the Plaza Mayor (Madrid)


Plaza Mayor: Where to eat.

There is a wide selection of restaurants and tapas bars alongside the arcade at Plaza Mayor Madrid. Restaurante Botin, the oldest restaurant of the world is located at Arco de Cuchilleros Street next to Plaza Mayor.

Plaza Mayor: Christmas season

Every year a traditional Christmas market is held at Plaza Mayor that dates back more than 500 years in time. Christmas gifts can be bought at the stalls placed inside the square where Christmast lighting enhance the whole experience.

Plaza Mayor: Accommodation

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