Places to take photos in Madrid. Madrid Río 2

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Recently, we have been able to photograph Madrid from different points of view, which are very interesting. If you have already seen the city from the typical touristic places go and have look to Madrid Rio’s shopping centre terrace. You will love it and you will take home a wonderful view from Madrid.

Places to take photos in Madrid


There are two ways to get to Madrid Río 2 from Hostal Persal. One option is going walking meanwhile you visit this part of the capital. It would last 40 minutes.


madrid rio

On the other hand, you could also take a metro, line 7 (yellow) heading Villaverde Alto. You can get on your metro in Sol’s station, which is 2 min away walking from Hostal Persal and get off at Almendrales. In this stop we start walking. This zone of Madrid is known as “Madrid Río”. The whole journey would last about 30 min.

madrid rio 2 como ir


Views from Madrid Rio 2

madrid rio


Once we are there, we walk along Manzanares river till we arrive at the shopping centre. Go and have look to the shops. Afterwards, go to the upper terrace, where you can find lots of restaurants.

views from madrid rio 2

Enjoy these fantastic views of Madrid and take your best photographs. You will be able to see the city as you have never seen it before. We recommend you to admire the views from this shopping centre because you can see Madrid from another point of view, and Madrid skyline will surprise you too.

Sites in the south of Madrid with award

madrid rio


As you know, Hostal Persal wants to show you the best touristic places so you can take marvelous photographs during your trip. That is the reason why we let you know about this amazing place to take photos of the city, yet we ask you to share your memories with us, your family, friends, acquaintances uploading the incredible photos you took to your social networks. That way we will be able to enjoy all those unique photos and magical moments.

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