Madrid Puerta del Sol

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“Puerta del Sol” (Sol Gate) is a square of Madrid. It is a must-see for everyone who visits the Spanish capital city. The mentioned square takes its name from an old gate within the ancient Madrid walls. Currently there is no gate in the square.  As you might guess we would like to go through some different aspects of “Puerta del Sol” to give a deeper insight for your next visit. Are you ready to know more about it?

Madrid Puerta del Sol

Its beginning started with the construction of the most representative and unique buildings in “Puerta del Sol”, this is to say “Casa de Correos” (the Post office). Later additions to the square included a fountain and gardens which did not much differ from what nowadays the square looks like.

Madrid Puerta del Sol: Casa  de Correos

If there is a building that stands out at “Puerta del Sol” in Madrid this is “Casa de Correos”. The building was built at the end of the 18thcentury. The current headquarters for the Madrid City Council has been used for numerous purposes throughout its history. We can highlight la “Torre del Reloj” (Clock`s Tower) which plays a vital role on New Year`s celebration. Every December 31st the Spaniards watch “Las 12 campanadas” (the  12 bell strokes) live on TV from “Puerta del Sol”  while the keep on eating  12 grapes one after the other at every bell beat. The tradition begun due to a grape excess on a certain year long time ago. Many people fill in “Puerta del Sol” in order to welcome the New Year. It`s very exciting!!

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Estatua del Oso y el Madroño (The bear and the madrone tree statue)

One of the Madrid symbols. It is depicted on the Madrid coat of arms. In order to be more precise the bear is a female one despite the statue´s name refers a male in Spanish language. It is located at the beginning of Alcalá Street.  During lot of years it changed its position because of works undertaken but finally replaced to its original location on the late eighties.

Madrid Puerta del Sol: Kilometro Cero (Kilometre Zero)

Since the fifties the Kilometer Zero of the National radial highways is located at “Puerta del Sol” in Madrid. It is very common for tourists to make pictures to the plaque of its own on the sidewalk.

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Madrid Puerta del Sol: Hotels

There are several hotels close to “Puerta del Sol” in Madrid. Among them there is one close by called Hostal Persal ideally placed at 12, Plaza del Ángel next to Plaza Santa Ana.

If you have read this post you will have a wider knowledge about the “Puerta del Sol” history. Besides telling you stories about the vibrant city of Madrid we would like to encourage you to come and visit us to discover some other interesting spots as Plaza Mayor Madrid.

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 Photos: Dominic Dähncke

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