Madrid city spots for your best photographs: Faro de Moncloa

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Many of the visitors who come to Madrid and check-in at Hostal Persal  want to know from where they could take the most amazing pictures in order to keep them  for themselves and share their unforgettable memories with their loving friends and relatives.  It does not surprise us as Madrid is one of most beautiful cities in Spain 🙂  If on previous posts we gave you some tips on best places to photograph in Madrid now we would like to recommend you a particular tourist attraction: El Faro de  Moncloa (Moncloa’s Lighthouse).

Madrid city spots

In order to get to Faro de Moncloa you might go for a 45 minutes walk. From Hostal Persal take Espoz y Mina Street which leads to Puerta del Sol and then head to Carmen Street towards Callao Square. Once you get there take Gran Vía all the way down to Plaza de España in order to get Princesa Street all the way up to Moncloa Square from which you can see Moncloa Lighthouse.

 tourist attractions in Madrid

Otherwise you might take Espoz y Mina Street until Puerta del Sol in order to take the Metro/Line 3 (yellow one)and get off in Moncloa (Metro stop). 25 min aproximately.

 tourist attractions

Among the many tourist attractions in Madrid, we encourage you to visit Faro de Moncloa for the impressive views and amazing pictures that you can take from the 92 metres height of the modern lighthouse. Faro de Moncloa was close to visitors during 10 years. Recently reopened and can be visited form Tuesday to Sunday 9.30am to 8.30pm (access denied after 7.30 pm). Mondays closed (except holidays or special events). Tickets can be purchased either at Faro de Moncloa or Plaza Mayor Tourist Office. We strongly recommend visiting Faro de Moncloa for several reasons. One of them is because you will get an overview of the Madrid skyline helped by explicative charts. Others will give you the chance to get pictures like this one:

Moncloa’s Lighthouse


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Hostal Persal wish you to enjoy Madrid and get the most unforgettable memories from your visit so you can share them with friends and relatives and talk about it on your social networks. Finally for those of you who wish to come to Madrid, book in at Hostal Persal and have read the whole post we would like to provide you with the following code: persalblog. Enjoy the most beautiful places in Madrid, tell your friends and start thinking for a next visit  🙂

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