What´s going on in Madrid in summertime?

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If you are planning a visit on July or August to Madrid you might be asking yourself what is going on in Madrid in summertime. On this post from Hostal Persal`s blog we are giving you some tips on what to do in Madrid in summertime:

What´s going on in Madrid in summertime


  • “Veranos de la Villa” takes place in Madrid on July and August. It is a festival that schedules more than 100 cultural and artistic events until September 3rd Here you have the complete program.


  • This summertime Universal Music Festival joins in the celebration of Royal Theatre second anniversary. Pop, Rock, Jazz or Flamenco music concerts are part of the following program:


  • “Circo Price” concerts in Madrid. Concerts Scheduled from July to September.


  • “Noches del Botánico” helds its second annual evening concerts. Enjoy live music in the King Alfonso XIII Royal Botanic Gardens in the middle of the nature at Universidad Complutense!


  • A new festival is taking place at IFEMA Madrid (Trade/Meeting fairgrounds). “El Río de Babel” is aiming at bringing together Latin and Spanish music.


  • There are also several events at Plaza Mayor due to its 4th Here you can find a list with the events:


More things to do in Madrid in summertime.


  • Prado Museum is holding “Treasures of the Hispanic Society” until September 10th Two hundred workpieces of the Hispanic Society of America of the New York Funds.


  • You could also enjoy the exhibition “Piedad y terror en Picasso: el camino a Guernica” at the National Museum and Art Centre Reina Sofía. The Reina Sofía Museum explores meanings of the painting.


  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum exhibits “ El renacimiento en Venecia. Triunfo de la belleza y destrucción de la pintura”. A Tribute to the Venetian Painting of the XVI Century. Artists involved include Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronés or Lotto.


  • Going to an open air cinema is another sweet option in Madrid. Enjoy the best cinema in Madrid in summertime.


Hopefully our post “What´s going on in Madrid in summertime” will encourage you to attend as most events as possible in Madrid this summer. We are waiting for you at Hostal Persal in Madrid.

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