Best blogs of Madrid in english

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In Hostal Persal  blog, we have already published a post about the best blogs of Madrid liked by most of you 🙂 ; so,  we have written a post about the best blogs of Madrid in English. Let´s see if this post helps you to know better the Madrid´s English blog sphere. 🙂

Best blogs of madrid in english

In the post of best blogs of Madrid we already pointed out that the blog of the Madrid’s Tourism official website can be read in 4 languages:  Spanish, English, French and Italian. On this website you also have What´s on in Madrid.Likewise, in the published post we stated that in Madrid Cool Blog you can read posts in English like in Madrid y Yo. Well, on best blogs of Madrid in English we propose you some other more.

Devour Madrid / Madrid Food Tour

For us one of the best blogs of Madrid in English is Devour Madrid. We love their articles about things you can do in Madrid. They also collect events held in the city and, of course, they organize very good cultural and gastronomic tours for foreign people. Besides Lauren shares cooking delights meanwhile James gives us very useful tips mainly for foreign visitors and how to put them into practice….for instance asking for tapas, knowing what “ Menú del día” is, where to enjoy the best ones or even how to make visits to museums.

Lauren’s, Alejandro’s and James’ company has been growing and now they offer these cultural and gastronomic tours in other Spanish cities. We recommend following their blog as we do every time we have the chance.

Best blogs of madrid

Naked Madrid

We would also recommend one of the best blogs of Madrid in English:  Naked MadridIt talks about some bars, restaurants, day trips around Madrid and some other interesting spots within the city. There is a lot of care on their posts and their pictures complement magnificently the lines. In addition the information on the blog is classified into Madrid quartiers which makes it very useful. We love this blog and we encourage you to do so as well J

Cheap in Madrid

At  Cheap in Madrid we will find most of the entertaining events going on in Madrid at the same time they suggest some of the cheapest options to eat and get around in the city. They also tell us the best dates and timetables you get museums free of charge or where to do the best and most profitable shopping in Madrid. Cheaping Madrid has even released an e-book based on 200 ways for saving money in Madrid!

 The Blegger

The Blegger is a blog where Brad, half Scottish half North American, writes posts about best Madrid bars/pubs for foreign visitors. He positions them on the map and classifies them into areas, atmosphere, ambience, etc. Recommendable!

blogs in madrid


Vaya Madrid

Vaya Madrid is the perfect blog to fit in Madrid as a local would do. It goes further mentioning places to eat and shop on the cheap and give you some information on questions related to current issues in Madrid and Spain.


madrid bloggers

Best blogs of madrid in english

Lastly as you know at Hostal Persal we posted a “blog of Madrid in English” and we encourage you to read it 🙂 If you have read the post Best blogs about Madrid in English completely we kindly provide you with the following code in case you, your friends and relatives need to book a hostal in Madrid as a reward:  k1abr1  🙂

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